The company has eight years' experience in the Retirement Funds sector having commenced operations in January 2012. It has been company policy over these years to ensure that management possess the requisite financial services industry experience and integrity as illustrated hereunder.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The Position is currently vacant while the Board seeks to identify a suitable candidate.

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager has been in the employment of Fairlife Benefit Services since inception of the company in January 2012. He has previously worked within the banking sector for 21 years from clereical level rising to Senior Management. Prior to joining Fairlife Benefit Services, he worked as a Human Resources Manager having been in self-employment for 5 years. He possesses a Diploma in Accounting and Business Studies, a Licentiate Banking Diploma and has received extensive training in internal Auditing and Operational Management. The Operations Manager is responsible for the efficient execution of all the business process and financial aspects required to successfully run the operations of the company.

Business Development Officer

The Business Development Officer joined Fairlife Benefit Services in July 2019 from a leading Printing company in the country, where she held various positions within the Finance Department.

This engagement spanning over 10 years exposed the Business Development Officer to high level interactions with clients including company executives and Senior Government Officials.

The Business Development Officer possesses a Post Graduate Diploma in Management, Diploma in Law and Diploma in Accounting and Finance.